Floor & Verandah

  • Homogenous matt polished RAK / CBC / Fuwang tiles (12? X 12?) in size or others all floor and Verandah. Door Decorative main entrance door and door chowkat of solid seasoned Dhaka / Chittagong Teak with-
  • Door Chain
  • Check Viewer
  • Door handle with imported lock
  • Calling bell switch of good quality
  • Internal doors teak changeable or equivalent quality veneered flush door with French polish
  • Plastic door in maid toilet.

Structural Features

  • Structurally designed on the basis of American concrete Institute (ACI) code.
  • Designed to withstand wind velocity & earthquake (As per BNBC) code.
  • 60 grade deform bar has been used as reinforcement in major structure.
  • Qualitative factors of MS rod and concrete cube to be systematically tested form BUET at every stage of construction.
  • Subsoil investigation has been done by professional Geo-technical experts.
  • RCC overhead water tank to be installed at suitable location.
  • Electricity supply will be of individual apartment wise meter and connection for the complex
  • Water supply and sewerage will have common meter connection for the complex.
  • Gas supply will be of individual apartment wise double burner connection Utility
  • Electricity supply will be of individual apartment with meter and connection for the complex
  • Water supply and sewerage will have common meter connection for the complex.
  • Gas supply will be of individual apartment with double burner connection Apartment Complex Common Management
  • A common management association and its managing committee will be formed by all the apartment owner of the complex on or before handover of the apartments. Like the other apartment owner, association fees and funds for common service and common utilities cost for operation of the apartment complex will be borne by the landowner for their apartments after the said handover.
  • Three months free repair & maintenance of technical problems.
  • Supervision of apartment and repair / rectification of technical by an Engineer for 3 (three) months. Electrical
  • Concealed wiring with BRB / Paradise / Sun shine cables through PVC conduits.
  • Provision for connection of satellite dish antenna with multi channel capacity from the commercial cable TV operator on master bet & Family living.
  • Provision for telephone connection of master bed & family living.
  • Electrical distribution box with main circuit breaker in each apartment.
  • Foreign MK switch and socket.
  • Light fittings and fan excluded.


  • International standard generator (SDMO / IVeco / LG. Wilson / Premac or equivalent)
  • Intercom
  • Intercom system connecting each flat to reception desk. Telephone Outlet
  • Good quality telephone socket outlet in master bed and living room.
  • Water Pump
  • One electrical water pump and one stand-by pump (Pedroll / saer or equivalent)
  • Building Entrance
  • Secured decorative gate with lamp posts as per the elevation & perspective view of the building.
  • Logo on polished marble or granite.
  • Comfortable internal driveway
  • Personal mailboxs Security Arrangements
  • Guard post for 24 hours security
  • Driver room with a toilet.
  • Guest room with toilet.

Car Parking

  • Individual car parking is ground floor to be clearly defined and marked with apartment members to avoid confusion.


  • International standard Lift (LG / Mitsubishi or Equivalent)
  • Adequate lighting
  • Fast & reliable service to residents of all floors Lift Lobby & Staircase
  • Spacious lift lobby in each floor
  • Floor tiles in all lift lobbies (RAK / CBC / Fu-wang or Equivalent)
  • Stair tiles in all staircases (RAK / CBC / Fu-wang or Equivalent)
  • Lift lobby with proper security.


  • Good quality 1st class bricks
  • Smooth finish walls
  • All wall thickness will be 5?


  • Sliding windows as per architectural design of the building.
  • 5 mm thickness glass.
  • Rain water barrier in 4mm aluminum sections.
  • Safety grills in all windows
  • Mosquito net in all windows (Optional).


  • Good quality wall tiles (RAK / CBC / Fuwang or equivalent)
  • Matching floor tiles (RAK / CBC / Fuwang or equivalent)
  • Space provision for gas oven.
  • Suitable local exhaust fan.
  • Washing in corner of kitchen verandah.


  • Essentially correct uniform floor slope toward water outlet.
  • Good quality sanitary wages in all bathrooms.
  • Good quality glazed tiles in bathrooms (RAK / CBC or Equivalent)
  • All mirror in bathroom with overhead lamp.
  • Good quality chrome plated fittings (Sunbird / Gloria / Sharif / Nazma or Equivalent)
  • Porcelain soap ceases and towel rail.
  • Cabinet basin with tiles worktop in master bath.
  • One bathtub in master bathroom ( optional ).
  • Tiles on floor and wall up to 7 feet in maids bath with long pan, shower and lowdown. Maid Bathroom
  • Locally made tiles on floor and wall up to 7 feet
  • Long pan, Bib cock, Soap case.
  • Essentially correct uniform floor slope towards water outlet.


  • Common to all owners for cloth drying and general use in roof.
  • Prayer option for all.
  • Painting & Polishing
  • Weather coated on outside walls.
  • Smooth finished and soft color plastic paint on all internal walls and distemper in ceiling.
  • French polish for doorframe and shutter.
  • Enamel paint for verandah railing.